In recent years, Chinese, as one of the most widely used languages in the world and

one of the official languages of the United Nations, has continuously set off "Chinese

fever" in Africa. Learning more languages, making more possibilities, from December

29th, 2021, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Chinese

Ministry of Education, together with StarTimes Group, officially launched the first

Chinese teaching TV program Happy Chinese for African audiences.

We have noticed that, Happy Chinese is broadcast through StarTimes Kids channel

and Sino Drama channel , and during prime time. We also learned from StarTimes

group that this program could not only watch on TV, but also available on the Group’s

video streaming platform StarTimes ON.

So the multi-channel broadcasting of Happy Chinese provides a new choice for the

audience who want to learn Chinese.

We have noticed that Happy Chinese has attracted the attention of the audience since

it was broadcast, and there are some positive feedbacks. On the Facebook of

StarTimes, some audiences said that the program met their Chinese learning needs. At

the same time, many viewers said that although they have not yet learned Chinese,

they also have a preliminary understanding of Chinese and Chinese culture through

this program, and hope to start their own way of learning Chinese from this program.

The economic and trade cooperation between Africa and China have deepened with

increasingly frequent personnel exchanges. More and more people want to know this

friendly and mysterious oriental country by learning the Chinese language. They hope

to improve their competitive strength and living standards by improving their

language skills.

Happy Chinese has built a useful learning platform for ordinary people. Audiences

dont have to worry about having no Chinese learning experience. This program has

quality teaching resources, and is well-localized based on the rules of language

learning and media communication to produce both entertaining and informative


Happy Chinese has built a good platform for language and cultural exchange between

Africa and China. It is reported that the first season of the program is coming to an

end. We sincerely hope that more such programs will bring different learning

experiences to ordinary people in the future.

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